Ashleigh Martin: Founder

Ashleigh Martin founded mash. In August 2011.

She  grew up on a farm near Karoonda in South Australia. From the age of fifteen, Ashleigh went to Adelaide to attend  Annesley College for the last three years of her schooling.

With no desire to work in an office from 9-5, Ashleigh studied a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation and a few years later, Bachelor of Business(Recreation Management).

Over the past six years she has worked within the outdoor recreation industry in Adelaide, South Australia  in roles including Outdoor Recreation Manager, Human Resources and Catering.

With a passion for travel, at 20 years of age, Ashleigh’s first overseas trip (and first time in an aeroplane) was by herself to the USA to work at a summer camp in Vermont. Over the next decade, she reguarly went back to America to work and travelled extensively to numerous countries including Canada, UK, Turkey, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, East Africa.

An interest in cooking and growing her own food, led Ashleigh in taking the natural step into starting her vegetable garden and discovering a way to turn her passion into a business venture.